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We invite you to join us in our 2nd Annual Orlando Metsquerade on May 23, 2020!


Age: 42

Town: Winter Garden

Diagnosis: 2012 stage 2B breast cancer, Rediagnosed 2014 stage 4 w/ Mets to the bones: ER+/PR+ HER2+ (Triple positive)

Treatments: Bilateral Mastectomy with lymph node removal, Total Thyroidectomy, Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer, Deep Inferior Epigastric Flap Reconstruction (DIEP), Total Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy, radiation (left breast, clavicle, and armpit as well as to the right hip), Taxol, Adriamycin, Carboplatin, Zoladex, Xgeva,Herceptin, Taxotere, Perjeta, Anastrozole.

Hobbies: I love being a mom, going on family vacations, and the beach.

Age: 53

Town: Winter Park

Diagnosis: 7/2012: Stage 3C, Her2 positive (triple Positive DCIS, 16/30 lymph node positive)

Treatments:  A/C, Taxol/ Herceptin then Herceptin for a year, Plus double mastectomy and radiation to chest.
1/14, Diagnosed Stage 4 mets to bone, left femur. Did 13 rads to femur, then Taxol/ Herceptin Perjeta 6 cycles. Dropped Taxol 7/2014 and have been on HP since with Xgeva and Letrozole. Chemo induced menopause. NED since treatment.



Diagnosis: ER+/PR+ HER2+ (Triple positive)Treatments: